Tori Bohn is a creative entrepreneur with a diverse range of artistic talents. Raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Tori developed a love for nature's beauty at a young age, spending her childhood exploring national parks, hiking, sports, as well as handicrafts and sewing.

  • The Woman

    Behind The Blue Pearl

    At 17, she traveled to Europe for the first time, sparking her curiosity for adventure and leading her to explore the world. In the late 80's, Tori arrived on the island of Bali and was instantly captivated by its vibrant energy, spiritual people, and exotic culture. Making Bali her home immediately, she explored various artistic endeavors, including clothing production, wood carving, and batik making, but eventually found her passion in silver jewelry making. Tori and her husband built an international jewelry production company, raising three children in the process.

  • As her children grew, Tori pursued other creative passions, including travel, photography, and perfumery. Tori believes that the heart of the BLUE PEARL range is Bali's exotic flora and plant life and she has begun studying the power of pure essential oils on human emotions, mind and body. Combining her love for scent and wellness with her jewelry manufacturing business, Bali's inventive ambiance has enabled her to produce a product that not only smells lovely but is also quite distinct from the entire industry. In addition to the BLUE PEARL range, Tori's children have joined her in creating a new clothing concept boutique and two restaurants. Tori's passion for creativity and entrepreneurship has led her to explore many different avenues, but her love for Bali and its people has kept her grounded on the island for over 33 years.